What Are Some Of The Best Travel Experiences You’ve Had?

09 Aug 2016

I’ve often come towards the end of a trip and noticed that before I even get home, I start thinking about where I want to travel to next. Do you do that too?

And the more I tick off the ever expanding bucket list, the larger it seems to grow.

Every trip has taught me something, opened my eyes to a new culture, a new cuisine and produced some hilarious, outrageous and unforgettable stories. But for me, it’s not necessarily the oldest temple or the highest mountain, or the most ornate church that makes an experience amazing. Sometimes a trip stands out for much simpler reasons. It can be because of a connection you made or an animal interaction you’ve had. Or maybe you’ve just experienced the prettiest sunset you’ve ever seen.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

What are YOUR best experiences from your travels?

I’d love to hear what they were and why they were so memorable in the comments box at the end of this page. I look forward to reading all your comments and publishing a post on all those amazing experiences so that we can all add further to our bucket lists.


Peace and wanderlust,

Sandy xo

Some of my favourite travel experiences

With my parents in Ushuaia

Traveling with parents- Penguins, Argentina

Facing glaciers in Patagonia

The best of Argentina, Los Glaciares national park.

Christmas markets in Frankfurt

Frankfurt Christmas Market at night

Sunrise on the salt flats, Bolivia

Bolivia, Slat Flats

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