How my 70 year old parents gatecrashed my 8 month journey of Latin America

07 Aug 2016

This is a fun little story about how my parents spontaneously decided to leave the comforts of their home in Germany to join their backpacking daughters in Argentina for a month.

I get asked about my favourite part of my journey through Latin America all the time. It’s not a question I can really answer as every country we visited stood out for its own reasons. Having said that, being on the road with my family and sharing all that beauty with them was so unbelievable beautiful and totally priceless. For that reason (and many others) Argentina will always hold a very special spot in my heart.

Oh, and I’ve learnt the power of persuasion Excel holds. Duly noted for next time.

Hanging out with penguins on Isla Martillo, Ushuaia, Argentina

Traveling with parents- Penguins, Argentina

Marvelling at the big ice at Glacier Grey, Torres del Paine, Chile

Traveling with parents- Glaciar Grey

The kids these days! Misbehaving in the back seat…

Traveling with parents- Mum and I

Dad seeing if he can fly. Can’t take the pilot out of the boy. Glacier Grey, Chile

Traveling with parents- Dad giddy from Glaciar air

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