Bite Size Travel – Santorini, GREECE

22 Jul 2015

Sitting on that balcony overlooking the crater of Santorini, Greece

Just look at that view! Pass me the rosé, pull up a deck chair and settle in for the afternoon until the sunset spectacular starts later in the day. Santorini, like all the cyclades islands in Greece, is spectacular. But the little white washed, domed houses that cling so tightly to the very steep caldera (the leftovers of what once was a volcano) dropping into the aegean is a particularly picturesque. If that’s not enough you’ll also find black beaches, red beaches and at each of them you’ll be served ice cold cocktails to make sure you REALLY enjoy all that beauty. Oia and Imerovigli lie at the northern end of Santorini and accommodate many honeymooners and higher end budgets in a peaceful setting.  The views here focus on the caldera and the steep cliffs that all dwellings hang on to, so there are no beaches on this (western) side of the island. Fira is the main hub on Santorini with nightclubs and bars galore, if that’s what you’re after. and For beachside living head towards the eastern coast. Red beach is a worth a visit for the day for it’s unique aesthetic, but you can’t overnight here. Perissa and adjacent Perivolos are popular with the  backpacker market with many beachside bars adjacent to the black beaches. There’s something for everyone here and you do need a few days to see both sides of the island. Mainly you need to make time to sit and enjoy the view and take in at least  4 or 5 of those amazing Santorini sunsets.

Good For:

Insane sunsets. Staring at the view. Swimming on black and red sand beaches. Walking between white washed villages clinging to a steep caldera wall. Did we mention staring at the view..?

Best to get to:

The direct route – via Santorini airport which serves national flights from Athens or Thessaloniki and some charter airlines from international european airports. Alternatively take the scenic route with a large super car and passenger ferry from Athens (Piraeus) port to Thira via a 5-6 hour cruise through the Greek islands.



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