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05 Aug 2015

Waking up to the surrounds of a national park adjacent to the ocean in Manuel Antonio COSTA RICA

Manuel Antonio is the small village adjacent to the national park that shares it’s name. It lies just south of the capital of Costa Rica, San José on the western coast of the country facing the pacific ocean and has a variety of options for accommodation. You’ll be surrounded by tropical forest filled with an unusually large variety of wildlife. The park spans mountains, forests and spills into the ocean which means it also includes beaches that just happen to be picturesque and attract swimmers and snorkelers. But the main reason for coming here is the array of wildlife. From people pleasing sloths, to cheeky racoons, curious monkeys and slithering iguanas, a large amount of  less popular but equally fascinating bright coloured frogs and insects, snakes and spiders – you’ll certainly see things you won’t have seen before. Getting a guide with a good telescope is must. Finding some of these well concealed and sometimes elusive creatures can be a test of patience otherwise.

Good For:

Seeing lots of wildlife most of which won’t kill you. Experiencing a tropical forest without having to camp out in it. Swimming, snorkelling and diving, all within a national park. Great for kids.

Best to get to:

Fly into Costa Rica’s capital: San José. Take a taxi to the Tracopa bus terminal at Plaza Visquez. Buses run to Manuel Antonio or Quepos in around 3 hours and depart 6 times during the day, which is a 5 minute drive from the park.  Alternatively, an internal flight from San Jose to Quepos costs around US$ 65 with either Sanza or Nature Air.


Manuel Antonio park views
Manuel Antonio National Park
Manuel Antonio Sloth

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