Bite Size Travel – Little Corn Island Nicaragua

29 Jul 2015

Little Corn is not just a place, it’s a state of mind. Hidden away off Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast and still a fairly well-kept secret, you can leave your shoes and technology at home. You won’t be needing them here.

The reason this little gem is still off the beaten track is that getting here can be a bit of an adventure. It’s not the flight from the mainland of Nicaragua to it’s larger neighbouring sister Big Corn Island that’s the exciting part. No, it’s the 12 person uncovered panga boats transporting you from Big Corn to Little Corn Island that can be a little bumpy. And if it rains, well, you just get wet.  But what’s a holiday without a little adventure? Once you get to Little Corn, you’ll forget any place else ever existed.

The first thing you should do is kick off your shoes and take off your watch. You won’t be needing these again until you leave. Don’t even bring your mobile phone. Little Corn has no roads, no cars, time is of no significance and wifi exists in only small pockets of the Island.

Dinner will be whatever comes straight out of the ocean from that afternoon’s fishing trip. If you ask nicely, you can go along, throw on some snorkelling gear and marvel at the colourful underwater life happening all the way around the island. It’s also a wonderful spot for diving for those wanting to go a little deeper. 

At only 1.2 square miles (2.9 square km’s) it’s an easy circumnavigation and you’ll be able to explore every corner and all its little surprises. There are plenty of places to eat across the island. The main hub lies near the jetty on the eastern side of the island. Most accommodations offer eating opportunities and there’s a few bars and cafés scattered throughout the island as well. For a real local experience walk into Miss Bridget’s, a private home that will cook simple local dishes including the favourite seafood stew ‘rundown’. The main dish people flock here for though is a plate of  lobster tails caught fresh that morning. Served on a bed of rice, fried plantains and drenched in butter, it’ll cost you less than two large cups of Starbucks.


Good For:

Pretending you’re a castaway. Living a simple life. Taking on a Caribbean attitude. Forgetting time. Reading under palm trees. Drinking Coco Loco’s (rum in fresh coconuts). Snorkelling and diving. Eating loads of Lobster for a fraction of what you’re used to paying.

Best to get to:

Via Big Corn Island (in fact, it’s the only way). La Costeña airlines fly from the capital of Nicaragua, Managua three times daily (approx US$ 165 return) and takes an hour and twenty minutes in total. All flights go via Bluefields and land on Big Corn Island. From there it’s a short taxi ride (for US$1 per person standard charge)  to the panga (ferry), which leaves twice daily for Little Corn Island. The boats are single storey long motorised wooden boats and can get bumpy and wet. Cost is approximately US$6 for around a 45-minute ride. It’s all part of the adventure.

Leaving is the toughest thing you’ll do here.

Little Corn Island beach
Little Corn Island sunsets
Little Corn Island fishermen

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