Bite Size Travel: Isla del Sol Lake Titicaca Bolivia

08 Jul 2015

The birthplace of the Sun : Isla del Sol Lake Titicaca Bolivia

You can be completely alone here. No one would hear you scream! At 3.8km elevation it’s not an easy place to conquer. BUT it’s a unique place to clear your mind, go for a scenic 8km (3 hour) walk along the islands rocky ridge and you’ll be able to connect with the gentle indigenous inhabitants who operate the few services that are now available on the island. You’ll see miles of endless blue water of Lake Titicaca that surrounds the island and manoeuvre your way along an old Inca path. This is the place where the sun was born, according to Inca mythology, and holds high sacred value to the local people.  There’s no roads or vehicles on the island as it’s too steep and rocky, so your feet will get a good workout whilst here. Tourism is on the rise (fast!) and the villages at the northern and southern end of the island are building more and more accommodation options.

Good For:

A solid 8km walk with outstanding scenery, surrounded by pure nature. Connecting with the local indigenous people and learning about their Inca history. Staring at a big blue lake. Seeing where the sun was born. Admiring old Inca trails and ruins.

Best to get to:

The only way to get to Isla del Sol is by ferry from Copacabana on the mainland. Ferries leave twice a day (8.15am and 13.30pm) towards the island and twice a day from the island back towards Copacabana (11.00am and 17.00pm). Copacabana’s nearest International Airport is Bolivia’s capital, La Paz, which is 3.5 hours by bus away. BoliviaHop now operate a Tourist bus service which has comfortable seats and even some sleeping options for longer trips. Some of the local buses are cheaper but come in varying levels of comfort – some questionable. 


Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca Bolivia LLamas
Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca Bolivia views
Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca Bolivia - Hiking

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