Bite Size Travel: Iguazú Falls Argentina vs Brazil

10 Sep 2015

Experience the thundering power of nature at the Iguazú Falls

Why should you go?

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have 1500 cubic metres of water per second coming at you ? That number catapults to 13,000 cubic metres in wet season – enough to fill 5 Olympic sized pools per second according to CNN.  A force that is hard to fathom until you’ve stood at the throat of one of the worlds mightiest waterfalls. At 2.7kms wide, 275 separate waterfalls are to be marvelled at throughout the UNESCO protected site, which is accessible from either Argentina or neighbouring Brazil. If you have the time, doing both is a great experience as they give you different point of view from each side.

The Brazilian side – Iguaçu Falls

Iguassu (Brazil) front view
Iguassu (Brazil) Walkway to Devil's throat
Iguassu (Brazil) Thunder

Brazil invites you to see them from the front and side including a access to a walkway built into the centre of the runoff  so you can face the falls straight on. You will get wet. And if the mist from the waterfall doesn’t get you, then the humidity and simply walking around will! Little tip: There’s an incredible bird park right by the entrance to the waterfall. You’ll see some of the brightest colours you’ll ever have seen in this park. It’s quite spectacular.

The Argentinian approach is from the top of the waterfall, allowing you to look down if you dare. A catwalk takes you straight over the top of the most violent drop lovingly referred to as “the devil’s throat”. If you haven’t ever met nature’s fury, this will not be the gentle introduction you might have hoped for.

Good for:

Experiencing nature and it’s most raw and violent force. Seeing one of the world’s largest and most impressive waterfalls. Learning what ‘humidity’ means.

Best to get to:

There are airports on both the Argentinian side (Cataratas International airport) and the Brazilian side (Foz da Iguaçu). Azul Brazilian, Gol Airlines, and TAM airlines service the Brazilian side with multiple national destinations within Brazil and LAN Perú gets you straight to Lima in Perú.

Cataratas International airport is serviced by Aerolinas Argentinas, Austral Lineas and LAN Argentina and flies direct to multiple destinations within Argentina. Connections to international destinations are accessible via Buenos Aires.

Iguazú Falls from the Argentinian side

Iguazu (Argentina) on top
Iguassu (Brazil) Toucan side

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