Bite Size Travel – Fin Del Mundo, Ushuaia, Argentina

26 Aug 2015

Ever wondered what the end of the world looks like? Find out in Ushuaia, Argentina

Why should you go?

Ushuaia the southern most city on this earth you can get to without having to get on a boat. Next stop after this is Antarctica via a 2 day open water journey. This is still one of it’s biggest drawcards.

Ushuaia has some impressive scenery with the Martial Mountain ranges surrounding it to the north and the Beagle Channel with it’s many rocky islands bordering it to the south. Across the channel, snow capped mountains and glaciers of Chile make for a pretty and dramatic backdrop. Ushuaia has lots of history which is on display at the End of the World Museum as well as the Maritime Museum on the site of an old jail. Ushuaia is great for those who love nature but don’t necessarily love long treks, although of course you can do plenty of those in the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

The best of Argentina, Ushuaia

The Martial Glacier is a short taxi ride from the centre of town and has access via ski lift, even in the summer months. You can chose to walk the whole way, or take the lift for part of it, although you will have to put in a little bit of work to get to the actual foot of the glacier via a picturesque walk. It’s pebbly and narrow in parts, but on a beautiful day is worth the small amount of input and gives you the right to say: I’ve climbed a glacier! At a reasonable fitness level this should be no longer than an hour task one way.

If you love wildlife, there’s few places in the world you’ll find more exciting than the Isla Mortilla where you can get up close to a huge colony of penguins that includes Magellan, Gentoo and the occasional King Penguin. An obligatory boat ride along the Beagle Channel should include this stop, but will also take you past the many rocky islands scattered throughout the channel, covered in seals, cormorants and other feathered creatures. Make sure your camera is loaded as there is an abundance of unique photos opps along the way for shots that National Geographic would be proud of.

Walking and trekking are abundant options, so are helicopter flights to see the whole spectacular from above. But for those needing some time out after climbing glaciers, you’ll find Ushuaia has a love for Artisan beer. Service Artesanal Beagle, Cerveca Cape Horn, Cerveceria Hain are all breweries you can visit, or you can just pull up at a bar in town and order one of their fine brews.

Ushuaia, Argentina
Ushuaia, Argentina

Good for:

Seeing dramatic scenery without actually having to climb any mountains. Climbing glaciers in the morning and being back in town for coffee an hour later. Penguin watching. National Geographic style photography without being on an arctic expedition. Lots of hiking. Very fresh seafood. Jumping on a boat to Antarctica.

Ushuaia, Argentina

Best to get to:

Ushuaia airport (Malvinas Argentinas International) has daily flights with LAN Argentina and LAN Chile and Aerolinas Argentinas, all servicing the airport. LAN Chile will get you to Santiago de Chile, although with at least one stop in Buenos Aires or more in other locations. Direct flights to Buenos Aires with LAN or Aerolinas leave daily and are frequent. They take 3 hours 45mins. You can connect internationally from Buenos Aires. (Be mindful BA has two airports. Ezeiza International (EZE)  and Jorge Newbery (AEP) which services domestic flights. A short taxi ride will take you from the airport in Ushuaia to the town centre. 

Ushuaia, Argentina, Lighthouse

Quick tip: Booking Argentinian flights from outside the country is cheaper than booking them once you’re inside. Get organised! Hotels are plentiful and have all standards. Consider a B&B and get to know the locals. It can get really busy and expensive in high season: Nov- March, which is the southern hemisphere summer.


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