Hey guys!

Thanks for dropping by my site. I’ll share a little about me here and look forward to connecting with like-minded souls out there on the interwebs.

I’m a third culture kid that grew up in a food-loving family which travelled a lot. Being German-born and growing up in Singapore meant we ate my mum’s European cooking at home, whilst enjoying the incredible street food and restaurant culture of Singapore when we went out. We drove to neighbouring Malaysia or hopped on a ferry to Indonesia on weekends, simply because we could. I’ve never lost that love of food or sense of adventure that was instilled in me from early on.  In fact, since the day I started making money, they are the things I spend every hard earned penny on. 

Today I live and breathe the café and restaurant culture of Sydney, Australia and in particular my stomping ground of Surry Hills. I still chase a perfect bowl of laksa or a good wok fried Char Kway Teow, so if you know of one – please get in touch, I’d love to know about it. In return, I promise to share anything that I absolutely love on my site. 

I’m still a complete travel nut and recently spent a year exploring South America. Outside of that, I try to see my far scattered friends and family as much as I can. Knowing how much I value the travel tips and hints I picked up from other travelers on the road, I think it’s only fair to pass the good karma around and share all sorts of secrets, guides, and tips I experienced in this community of fellow food and travel lovers. 

Namaste, lovers. 

If you’re nosy (like me..)  – I’ve delved in a little deeper below!

Profile Sandy Shakes
Sandy Shakes, Singapore


I was born in a small town near Frankfurt in Germany. My mum and dad packed our bags when I was just 1 year old and moved to much warmer (and about 80% more humid) Singapore. The intended 5 year stay turned into 30 years in Singapore for my parents. I left after finishing high school and to this day still chase the flavours of Singapore food. Food is a culture in Singapore. They live to eat. I blame my obsession with food of all kinds on my Singapore upbringing and thoroughly embrace it.


Ok, that’s not a real word. A friend made it up over a pint in some little pub in London after work one night. I was born in GERmany, grew up and did all my schooling in SingaPORe and moved to AustrALIA to study afterwards, but loved it a lot more than intended and have called it home for 22 years on and off. There were a few stints of living and working in London in there too. They are all places I refer to as ‘home’.

As a third culture kid, packing up and going on extended trips or occasionally packing for a more permanent stay in another country felt somewhat ‘normal’. Similarly, hopping on a plane half way around the world to see one of my best mates is part and parcel of my upbringing and something I have to build into my annual travel budget. (ouch!)

About Me Sandy Shakes
Sandy Shakes


I’ve spent my working life in a few different industries. I started in hospitality after 3 years of hotel management school which got me into events. I carried my events experience from hotels into a speakers bureau, worked on a few fashion and music events during a year of freelance work and eventually made in into advertising and finally PR.

I take so many learnings with me from each of these; some good, some bloody awful and some truly inspiring. To me the best thing about all of these are the amazing humans you meet on the way. Connection and interaction with other inquisitive and open minded souls is a great part of the reason I’ve decided to embark on this journey of writing.


This year saw a big change in the stars for me. I actually think where I am now was always on the cards for me, it just took me a bloody long time to work it out. Writing is something I have always enjoyed. My mum still wants to know when I am going to pick up all the boxes of diaries, scrap books, travel reports, concert reviews and all the other stuff I recorded as a young lass. I took a year out to make my way through central and south america in 2013/14 and nothing was really the same afterwards. And no, it’s not because of something I ingested. I just think it cleared a lot of congestion in my brain. I attempted going back to work in the industry I knew and things came crashing down. It was the crash I needed to make a change and here I am. Ready to embark on a new journey.

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