I ❤️ NEW YORK CITY. Where dreams are made-oh..

17 Jan 2016

New York City is a place where people come to dream big.  Today, I am a dreamer.

Right this minute I’m sitting in a café East 27th Street right near Madison Square Garden in New York City and I’m writing. Next to me are others with their laptops hacking away at their keyboard. I’m imagining they’re working. Working on their own businesses, their own website or blogs. I’m one of them. Why am I doing this? I’m living out a dream. The dream is: I am a writer. I make my living writing stories and my laptop is my office. Today that means Manhattan is my office.

Just under a year ago I started a new chapter in life. Sitting in an office was never my dream, but up until that point I wasn’t clear on what my big dream in life was. Having had a recent extended travel break and being exposed to a whole different set of challenges and situations, the world looked different once back in the familiarity of home. Home was and still is Sydney, Australia. A place I love dearly. 

The office jobs in PR/Advertsing I had been hamster wheeling in for the preceding years  weren’t bringing me joy, inspiration any longer. That’s when I decided to take the leap and change things. The dream was and is to write. To connect people, to create community through interaction of like minded souls. Souls of other dreamers, travellers, lovers of food, storytellers and seekers of adventures.

The writing dream is a slow and long road away, but my soul and my heart both know that this feels more right than anything in life has ever felt. Having a steady and decent income seems a small sacrifice to make in order for the soul to feel so satisfied. The desk job has been shelved. My blog is up and running and there are a myriad of ideas in my head wanting to jump out on to paper. My income at this point comes from doing several smaller part time jobs that allow me to spend a decent amount of time on writing. One day that balance will shift with the main focus on just writing whilst the part time jobs might need to find new occupants.

Sitting here in the city of big dreamers and seekers of great fortunes has been eye opening and made me dream bigger. So Thank You New York City for allowing me to dream. Having a vision of what it might be like to work from a café in New York city, or a shack on a beach in Mexico, a wooden hut in Kenya or a street stall in Vietnam is priceless.

I <3 NYC


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