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A tiny bit about me and this blog

Hey there!

I’m a third culture kid who grew up in a food-loving family that travelled a lot. Being a German kid growing up in Singapore meant eating mum’s European cooking at home, whilst getting to explore all flavours of South Easy Asia in Singapore’s incredible varied food scene. Singaporeans live to eat and that’s something that’s been instilled in me from very early on. Similarly, driving across to Malaysia on weekends, or hopping on a ferry to Indonesia was just part and parcel of growing up on a small island nation in the centre of South East Asia. The travel bug is the only good bug I’ve ever picked up and the one thing I don’t want to shake off. After years of working in events, advertising and PR, building a community of like-minded food-mad travel lovers is the best decision I’ve made. Here’s to many more good decisions and awesome food in amazing destinations!
See you soon for a chat!
Sandy xoxo

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